On June 28th, 2014 our Rotary Club held it's annual Installation/Oustllation at Cooking 4 Life, San Diego, CA. 37 of our members and guests attended the event and the Cooking 4 Life staff delivered a very successful dinner. We truly enjoyed their food. They handled us beautifully and I highly recommend this company to everyone. It was a great evening and we were impressed with the great recipes they created. Thomas E. Miller

Thomas Miller

I have to tell you - these are truly one of my best investments - I absolutely LOVE everything about these pans: from the way they stack (too awesome!) to the quick cooking, and easy cleanup. Never mind all the nutritional benefits! And I am constantly finding new uses for my SaladMaster - it makes it fun to cook! Thank you for introducing me to my new best friends! ;)

Yvonne S

What a great class! This was my first, but not my last, visit to Cooking-4-Lief. I bought a coupon because the subject was 'boosting your immune system'. The chef, Lisa, and the school owner, Melissa, were very knowledgeable and entertaining. We watched and ate small portions of the dishes they prepared...homemade almond milk protein drink, yummy homemade granola on Greek yogurt with strawberries & blueberries, wonderful bean & barley soup, and ending with grilled salmon salad with pears & walnuts and side of tenderized julienned yams. I was amazed at how good the "healthy" food tasted, and how filling small portions of the right food can be! I learned a lot, and will definitely take another class.

Cindy T.

The class was fun, informative, and personable. What we thought would be a one-time date night cooking class will definitely become more of a routine for us. We have already signed up for a few more classes. We took the Vegetarian class, and left with a few healthy recipes that tasted great. And for you guys, don't be afraid... It was fun, and there were a few of us there.

Brent B.

This was the first cooking class I attended and I was thoroughly impressed! Melissa (the owner) greeted us at the front and her incredible energy was contagious! We took the "Veg Appeal" class and learned a number of recipes that were healthy, delicious and easy to cook. After each dish was prepared, the students in the class were able to sample the cuisine. I actually came to class hungry so I admittedly went back for seconds (maybe thirds too). Overall a great experience, I plan on taking at least two more classes in the near future. Whether you come to learn new healthy recipes, hang out with Melissa (who could easily be a stand up comedian), or just feel like having someone else cook dinner for you... you can't go wrong. Highly recommend!

Mike S.