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Learn how to:

  •  Retain 93% NUTRITION & FLAVOR
  •  Help prevent dietary illness through proper food choices and preparation.
  •  LOSE WEIGHT, look & feel better!
  •  Cut your kitchen time in HALF.
  •  How to increase productivity in the office by reducing absenteeism 

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The Menu: Healthy & quick lasagna prepared in 5 minutes ready to enjoy 20 minutes later and a delicious five veggie salad.

The Time: 30 - 40 minutes for the entire show, cooking, preparation, education and fun! Plenty of time to enjoy the food!

Our focus is to bring Health Consciousness into the Kitchen And educate people on healthy eating & cooking habits using The right equipment and techniques.



  • When my husband and I were first introduced to Saladmaster, I was amazed. Not only by how great the food tasted, but also by the nutritious and healthy ways we can cook for our family. This is truly a...
    Joanne Rullan

  • Being a person who cares about my health and what is in my food, its taste and how much nutrition it retains, I was very happy to attend a cooking class that I bought for half price on groupon. The...
    Shane S.

  • We just had a representative from salad master come to our house Friday night and were pleasantly surprised.

    My MIL has salad master, and she bought her set FORTY years ago and it's still going...
    Bee W.

  • Wow! Talk about TOP OF THE LINE COOKWARE!

    I love my Saladmaster cookware and won't use anything else. The cookware has a lifetime warranty, is made of medical grade titanium (so it won't leach any...
    Ayla Skye

  • I have been to several of their cooking classes and found them very informative on healthy cooking and very professional I will be going back again.
    Judi B.

  • I love the Salad Master clean cooking system and Scott and Melissa are wonderful hosts! I use their office to teach my Food for Life Diabetes and Cancer Prevention classes, as well as classes for...
    Tracy C.

  • What an amazing cooking class! Melissa and Lisa are awesome and so knowledgeable. Every dish they prepared was simple yet extremely healthy. PLUS you get to eat/ sample all the food they are making. Each...
    Lizne C.

  • I have lost 15 pounds in two weeks, with Cooking 4 life!

    Last Tuesday's meal was out of this world. Chef Sergio outdid himself once again. He baked four chickens in two of the woks, in just 40...
    Chris L.

  • My husband and I attended a run and registered for a healthy cooking dinner. We had the chef over and really enjoyed our selves. Even though they didn't use spices we enjoyed the food.


  • This was Life Changing! Michael and Toni were terrific! The food was amazing- tasted great- even my 7 year old daughter was loving it- they made Fried Chicken with NO oil! and a chocolate cake with...
    Jennifer B.

  • I should have written this a long time ago, but better late than never. This place offers an AMAZING cooking class. My girlfriend and I attended, and as healthy eaters we were pleasantly surprised...
    John S.

  • I really love the cooking classes offered by Cooking 4 Life. I've learned a lot and now eat foods I'd never before considered. Chef Sergio introduced me to a kale salad that is just to die for. I'd...
    Angela J.

  • I am very happy with my salad master set. I am saving a lot of time in the kitchen as well as money! My chef Joe did a wonderful job on his cooking shows at my house, I am very pleased!!!!!!

    I will highly...
    Heliodora M.

  • Wow. I have to say that I am happy to own the finest cooking system on the planet. I really didn't cook before but this system makes cooking easy.

    With all the things people spend money on, I am not...
    Joe T.

  • Now this company is doing something right! What sets them apart and makes them unique, is that they truly educate their customers on the benefits of eating a healthy diet; creating menus that...
    Lisa T.

  • Last night, Melissa, Scott, Lisa and Lynne put together a great "Dinner and Learn" for our local association, and I can NOT even put into adequate words HOW MUCH OF A HIT IT WAS!

    Melissa and Lisa...
    Courtney P.

  • This was the first cooking class I attended and I was thoroughly impressed! Melissa (the owner) greeted us at the front and her incredible energy was contagious! We took the "Veg Appeal" class and...
    Mike S.

  • The class was fun, informative, and personable. What we thought would be a one-time date night cooking class will definitely become more of a routine for us.

    We have already signed up for a few more...
    Brent B.

  • What a great class! This was my first, but not my last, visit to Cooking-4-Lief. I bought a coupon because the subject was 'boosting your immune system'. The chef, Lisa, and the school owner,...
    Cindy T.

  • I have to tell you - these are truly one of my best investments - I absolutely LOVE everything about these pans: from the way they stack (too awesome!) to the quick cooking, and easy cleanup.

    Yvonne S

  • On June 28th, 2014 our Rotary Club held it's annual Installation/Oustllation at Cooking 4 Life, San Diego, CA.

    37 of our members and guests attended the event and the Cooking 4 Life staff delivered...
    Thomas Miller